Ethereal Takeover


Demo in Progress, Unreal 4 | 2021

Team Size - 5

Ikon is a 3D action adventure game centered around it's ability system. Abilities within the demo are used for both combat and exploration, the process of using the abilities in conjunction allows for a multitude of puzzles that build off each other and high risk/reward combat. 

Video Time stamps:

(Start - 0:11) Intro

(0:12 - 2:07) Enemies & Puzzles

(2:08 - 2:40) Art & Atmosphere

(2:41 - 3:23) Planned Features

(3:32 - End) Blooper

Ikon is currently a work in progress

Land Under rot

The Rotting World

Full Game Made in Unity | 2020

Team Size - 12


Level Designer

  • Designed and iterated on three levels

  • Reviewed and polished each level to make sure they kept their cohesive themes and their feeling of progression

  • Built systems such as proximity glow crystals and fog that works with the custom shader

  • Structured visual storytelling based off the narrative

  • Worked with the Creative Director and Lead Artist to make sure the artistic vision was achieved

  • Created and ran meetings for the Level Design Team

  • Delivered progress reports to the producer to make sure we were on track

Land Under Rot is an art focused single player adventure platformer set in a whimsical world. Solve puzzles and assist the unique local population to awaken the guardians of the land, save your sister and bring her back home. I designed the levels to make them feel enormous, far larger than the areas are. Intentionally making the player feel small, but significant in their actions.


Beauty in Structure

Level Design scene made in UE4 | 2019

Team Size - 1

Neuanfang is a scene I made with the intention of being an area in an open world game. I researched general features of forests to create landmarks so the player understood where they were at any time. This research was also used in choosing where to place rocks and foliage, places where collectible resources could spawn for the player.

Theron Keep

Focusing the Player

Level Design scene made in UE4 | 2018

Team Size - 1

A scene I created to be plausible within a RPG game. The scene boasts a multi-layered keep that had previously been under siege, multiple walls have been damaged and the interior ransacked. The surrounding area contains cliff faces that flow down into a riverbed, with rock formations and groups of trees that line the cliff edge.